Over the last twenty-five years Wapasha Constructions has specialized in the design of civil concrete structures for local councils. While concentrating on water treatment plants, the company also builds portable water storage reservoirs and associated buildings and pipework.

Wapasha Constructions is justifiably proud of the consistent high quality of concrete finish achieved on their projects. Our focus on quality management has been an integral part of our success and customer satisfaction.

Project Year Type of Work Location Architect/ Engineer Cost
Onalaska Reservoir 2020 Concrete Ground Storage Reservoir Onalaska, WI Bolton & Menk 847,000
Rollingstone Reservoir 2019 Water Reservoir Rollingstone, MN Widseth Smith Nolting 1,034,000
Arcadia Reservoir 2017 Re-Coating Arcadia, WI Davy Eng. 250,900
Winona Pleasant Valley Reservoir 2016 New Reservoir Winona, MN Stantec 925,784
Onalaska Reservoir Improvements 2013 Reservoir Improvements Onalaska, WI SEH $295,000
Ladysmith Well House 8 & WTP 2012 Water Treatment Well House Ladysmith, WI SEH / Jon Strand $3,209,000
Ftn City Water Reservior 2012 Water Reservior Repair 2012 Cedar Corp $120,000
Ontario Reservoir Roof Renovation 2011 Roof Renovation Ontario, WI Davy Eng 44,000
Genoa Reservoir Roof 2010 Roof Renovation Genoa, WI Davy Eng 63,000
Mormon Coulee Reservoir 2010 Water Reservoir LaCrosse, WI SEH Inc 329,000
Stockton Water Reservoir 2009 Water Reservoir Stockton, MN Zenk Read Trygstad 632,069
Elba Water Reservoir 2009 Water Reservoir Elba, MN Bonestroo 148,526
Hixton Well House 2007 Water Facility Improvements Hixton, WI SEH Inc. 570,000
Holmen Post-Tension Water Reservior 2006 1,000,000 gal Post-Tension Reservoir Holmen, WI Virebicker Eng 1,195,000
Prairie du Chien Post-Tension 2003 1,000,000 gal Post-Tension Water Reservoir Prairie du Chien, WI Virebicker Eng 595,000
Stoddard Reservoir 2001 250 gal Resrvoir Stoddard, WI Davey Eng 340,000
MN City Reservoir 1997 1,000,000 gal Reservoir Minnesota City, MN (Hidden Valley) Zenk, Read, Trygstad 600,000
Onalaska Reservoir 1996 250,000 gal Reservoir Onalaska, WI Davy Eng 260,000
Holmen Reservoir 1996 300,000 gal Reservoir Holmen, WI Davy Eng 280,000
Arcadia Reservoir 1993 500,000 gal Reservoir Arcadia, WI Davy Eng 450,000
Winona Reservoir 1987 500,000 gal Reservoir Winona, MN (Valley Oaks) Davy Eng 440,000